Currently available bikes at each station


Welcome to e-Velolink, the first campus e-bike sharing system in Europe! We are an organization of the VSETH (Association of Students at the ETH).


Check bike availibility online: No reservation or timetables needed


Commute between the ETH campuses, Hönggerberg and Zentrum.


They are eco-friendly and efficient, yet you don't have to work up a sweat riding up the hill.

By students

An organisation run and initiated by students of ETH Zurich.


Physical activity is proven to boost concentration and memory!


Various nominations, see examples below

Quick Guide

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    You can sign up for e-Velolink by heading to adressen.ethz.ch and accepting the general terms and conditions (legally valid German version: Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen). Once you have received the confirmation e-mail, you are ready to go!

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    Swipe your ETH card over the terminal. Wait for the green light to indicate your e-bike. Pull out your e-bike and check functionality.

  • 3.


    Start up the electrical engine by pushing the red power button. You can choose between three support levels Low/Medium/High.

  • 4.


    Firmly push nose of the e-bike back into any docking station. Wait for the green light to confirm locking. Otherwise lock manually and contact us.


The docking station at ETH Hönggerberg can be found in the passage between the first two fingers of the HCI building, while the docking station at ETH Zentrum is located beside the entrance of the CAB building (KOSTA).
Please use the map to get more information on the recommended roadway


May 0

Auflösung des ETH e-Velolinks

Liebe Sportsfreunde   Wie ihr sicherlich gemerkt habt, fahren seit dem neuen Jahr keine roten e-Velos mehr vom Zentrum in den Hönggerberg. Die Insolvenz unseres Hardwarepartners hat zu einer Betriebspause geführt, da eine Weiterführung des Betriebs -den Umständen entsprechend-das Budget gesprengt hätte. Es wurde entschieden, eine Betriebspause bis im Sommer 2016 einzulegen. Trotz anfänglichem Elan, […]

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May 0

Dissolution of the Association ETH e-Velolink

Dear sports friends,   As you surely have noticed, there are no more red e-Bikes commuting between the Zentrum and the Hönggerberg. Due to the insolvency of our hardware partner we were forced to shut down the e-Velolink as it would have gone far beyond our budget to continue the service. We decided to shut […]

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